The topic of your term paper is to relate to current research within the field of biologuyI have chosen homosexuality as  the topic of my paper.also make a small 12 slides power point resume of the paper . Make the power point easy to understand and to explain , as I am presenting to my class .Topics to choose from: ABORTION, AGING, AIDS, ALLERGIES, ALTERNATIVE HEALING, ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, ASTHMA, AUTISM, BIOINFORMATICS, BIOLOGICAL WARFARE, BIOLUMINESCENCS, BIPOLAR DISORDER, BIRTH CONTROL (FERTILITY/INFERTILITY), CANCER (choose one type), CHEMICAL WARFARE, CLONING, DEPRESSION, DIABETES, DRUG EFFECTS, EVOLUTION, GENETICS/GENETIC DISEASES, HOMOSEXULAITY (is it genetic?), INFECTIOUS DISEASES (choose one), NANOTECHNOLOGY, NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS (choose one), OBESITY, PHEROMONES, SCHIZOPHRENIA, or STEROID USE.Requirements:3 pages typed; double space, font 12 with normal marginsAt least 3 references1 quote from a leading authority on your topic from one of your referenced resourcesReferences can be your school book, an article, or website that first caught your interest about the pieces of artwork you selected. Each of the above requirements is worth 10 points, 30 points total. If you fail to fulfill the above requirements you will not receive all possible points, for instance if your paper only contains 2 references you will lose points. The remaining 70 points will be awarded based on content (understanding and interpretation), research, information literacy, critical thinking, organization, and grammar.If you Have questions feel free to email me


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