Bioethics in Healthcare Terri Schiavo case

Healthcare professionals provide support throughout the cycle of life, from birth to death. They have an obligation to provide humane and compassionate care to patients while adhering to their specific field’s code of ethics. Sometimes, healthcare professionals are privy to discussions between family members regarding end-of-life issues. In some instances, a healthcare facility may be in charge of providing information about advance directives to patients. Healthcare professionals should calibrate their own moral beliefs to align with their ethical and legal obligations. By studying issues contained within real-life cases, healthcare professionals can come to terms with their beliefs and obligations relative to end-of-life issues.
• Analyze bioethical issues faced by various healthcare professionals for their impact on decision-making.
In this project, you will analyze the Terri Schiavo case through the lens of the bioethical issue(s) related to the case. You will analyze the case to address what the bioethical issue is and what role end-of-life issues, such as self-determination and advanced directives, played in the case. Using your analysis, you will determine how this bioethical issue impacted the decisions made by the healthcare professionals involved in the case.
Your essay must address the following critical elements:
I. Introduction: Describe the provided case, including information on the stakeholders involved, the bioethical issue, and the time period of the incident that occurred.
II. Bioethical Analysis: Analyze the bioethical issue for the role end-of-life issues played in the case. Be sure to use appropriate terminology and support with secondary research.
III. Conclusion: Describe how the bioethical issue influenced the decisions of healthcare professionals involved in the case. Be sure to use specific examples.


 Fremgen, B. F. (2019). Medical Law and Ethics (6th Edition). Pearson Education (US).

Chapter 11, the Terri Schiavo case in Chapter 13, Appendix A in the textbook and reading resources (below):
Textbook: Medical Law and Ethics, Chapter 11, Chapter 13: “Terri Schiavo, The Face That Moved a Nation” case
on page 314, and Appendix A Chapter 11 guiding questions:
o What are the main bioethical issues that modern physicians and healthcare professionals face today?
o What are some ethical decision-making models that can be used to support ethical dilemmas?
Appendix A guiding questions:
• What is the Hippocratic Oath?
• What is the Code of Ethics for Nurses?
• What is the code of ethics for medical assistants (from the AAMA)?

 Video: Terri Schiavo Documentary: The Case’s Enduring Legacy