BIOL 1408 Biology For Non-Science

BIOL 1408 Biology For Non-Science



Find a current topic in the news that relates to what we are discussing in class. Sources may include scientific journals, newspaper articles, news reports, internet sources. The source should be current – no more than two months old.

Include either the URL or a copy of the article with your paper.

Write 1-2 pages of analysis.  Tell if the article was a primary source or secondary source.  Tell  if  the experimental design was good- did it include  satisfactory controls, have enough test subjects .  How is the research relevant to your/our lives.  Is it new for you, something you had never heard before?  How does it relate to  Biology 1408?   A general format for the paper is:

Introductory paragraph

a.Catch the reader’s interest.
b.Give a brief background on the topic.
c.Begin or end with a thesis statement.
Body paragraphs (2-4)
a.Develop, expand and/or support the thesis statement.
b.Include a topic sentence for each paragraph.
c.Include supporting details which reinforce the topic sentence.
d.Make sure you explain how the article or report relates to class.
Concluding paragraph
a.Restate the thesis or sum up the argument.
b.Tell the reader what you think is important to remember.
(Never introduce new information in the conclusion.)

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