BIOL134-General Biology II

BIOL134-General Biology II


Experiment 1: Diet Alignment

1. Include your beak to food matchups in the space below:

Bald Eagle:

Yellow Warbler:



Wood Pecker:

Zebra Finch:

2. What factors did you consider when matching the food items to the beak?

3. Compare and contrast your results from the beak anatomy/food match-up to the web-search. Discuss differences.

4. Pick one of the beaks above. Explain why this particular beak is a beneficial trait and how it may have evolved through the process of natural selection. (10 points)

Experiment 2: Structural Adaptations Foraging

1.State a detailed conclusion for your experiment. Include information about both quantity and the type of seeds moved with each tool. Which tool was the winner of the competition? Do your results support the hypothesis?

2.Did the number and type of seeds change throughout the different trials for each tool? Explain.

3.In the introduction you learned about instinctive versus learned behaviors. What part of this experiment illustrates instinctive (nature) behavior? What part of this experiment illustrates learned (nurture) behavior?

4.Which of these tools is more of a generalist compared to the others? Which is more of a specialist compared to the others?

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