BIOL3306 Ecosystem Ecology

BIOL3306 Ecosystem Ecology


Formatting ï‚·Sections: oThe first section of your paper should be a brief summary of your typical COVID-era day oEvery subsequent section will describe one moment or event, and the mechanisms at work (anatomically and physiologically) as your body strives for homeostasis. oPlease separate each section with a title (ex: “Event 1: When I wake up too warm”) oYou should describe between three and five moment/events. I am not giving you an exact number because different types of events will warrant different amounts of detail. Some events may involve multiple systems, resulting in long, detailed sections. Other, simpler events may require less detail. oYou may use the example I provided if you wish. Be sure to add detail as appropriate. ï‚·Word count: oPlease keep your total word count (not including references) under 2000 words (approx. 4 pages single spaced, 8 pages double spaced). Extra text will not be marked. ï‚·Content: oTry to describe every system we have covered at least once in your paper. oYou are only expected to know (and write about) the anatomy and physiology that we learned in class this term. You can include extra information if you want, but it will not gain (or lose) you any marks. For example, if you explain digestion, you will not lose marks, but your space would be better used explaining systems we have covered. ï‚·References: oYou should refer to your notes and textbook as you write this paper. I am assuming that these will be your primary reference sources, so you do not need to cite them. oYou may use external resources (other books, websites, etc) but must cite them if used. I don’t mind which citation style you use (I won’t be marking your citations), but please make sure that they are referenc

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