Black Lives Matter and School Discipline

https://perino.pbworks.com/f/fetch/CLM-Marz.pdf      read book pages (27-40)

Above is the link to the book we are critiquing. In the essay start off with how black/hispanic lives matter movement emerged. Then connect how the black live matter movement connects with discipline in schools. Also I need the essay to critique how marzanos discipline methods used in the book were unjust and overcorrection and cruel. 

Each person will submit a 3-4 page critique.


Research Based Book Critique

Due 11/5/2022 by 5:30pm in Dropbox (eLearn)


What is a Critique?

A Critique is a detailed analysis and assessment of something: a book, a chapter, an article, a political or philosophical theory, etc. A critique is not the same as a review.


A book review = is a summary telling readers about the book\\\’s plot.

A book critique = is an analysis aimed at critically evaluating the book\\\’s quality.


You must include: Five (5) or more current sources (2018-2022), of which at least 3 are from peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly books. Sources include both general background sources and specialized sources. Special-interest sources and popular literature are acknowledged as such if they are cited. All web sites utilized must be authoritative. Cite all data obtained from other sources. APA 7th citation style must be used in both the text of the paper/critique and the bibliography.

 Your paper must include:

Include information on how the “Black/Hispanic… Lives Matter” movements have emerged.   then Include how school discipline connects with the movements.



Below are the link to articles I would like to be included: 





Please specifically include from the articles above content about how the black Lives matter movement demands the end of Zero tolerance act. Where schools are suspending kids and expelling them for minor problems. Research Says that minorities make up for the majority of school suspensions and expulsions. Which in turns tunes them to be accustomed to being in trouble and that’s how the school to prison pipeline is created. Also please include some content talking about how minority educators part of the Black lives matter movement are coming together to make curriculum and instruction in schools. I believe these things could help minimize bad student behavior, because the curriculum could be more interesting and relatable for the students. research shows that some students misbehave because they cant relate or connect with the content being taught. But if we have educators that understand and have similar cultural background and upbringing then they potentially have the power to grasp student attention that allows them to be more engaged.

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