You have been asked by an organization to produce a research paper about the ways in which a workplace Happiness campaign may or may not help with employee recruitment, engagement and retention. Some of the management believe that a Happiness campaign is crucial to improving the organization’s reputation as a preferred employer and increasing productivity within the organization. Others argue that Happiness campaigns do not provide a good return on investment (ROI).

In this paper, argue your view on what a Happiness campaign may or may not accomplish for organizations.

Audience: A general business audience–think organizations who are considering this, but not any one specific organization. 

Style/Tone: this is an academic paper, so use third person objective tone and formal style.

Format: Argumentative essay (Intro-Body-Conclusion), in APA style

Your essay should contain an argumentative thesis supported by well structured body paragraphs with clear topic sentences that back up your position with material from the four required articles that we have read in this course. If you desire, you may also use material from the optional articles provided in the course. Do not conduct any additional research for this assignment.

You might speak to the definition of happiness, the role that happiness plays in workplace productivity, and the relationship between happiness and success. 

I need to write the final paper, based on my instructor’s feedback

Here is her feedback:

I have one major piece of feedback for this paper. It is currently 4 paragraphs in length with a conclusion that introduces new ideas. Instead, I’d like to see a 5 paragraph essay with a conclusion that summarizes the paper by walking us through the arguments you’ve proven in the 3 body paragraphs. 

It’s not that a paper must be 5 paragraphs. A 4-paragraph essay can work well. However, this stance requires 3 important pieces of information: 1) why happiness campaigns are effective, 2) why happiness campaigns can be counterproductive, and 3) how an organization can harness the benefits of a happiness campaign while avoiding the drawbacks. Remember, too, that your reader cares more about the organization’s bottom line than they do employee wellbeing. Present the hard evidence for why employee wellbeing is desirable.