Bronfenbrenner’s ecological perspective Essay

Bronfenbrenner’s ecological perspective Essay


Bronfenbrenner’s ecological perspective Essay

For Essay 1, focus on Bronfenbrenner’s ecological perspective. Name and define each of 5 contexts, and provide an example from your life that clearly shows your understanding of the interactions of at least 2 contexts. For the essay:

• Your writing should be 750-900 words (no more or no less, and not including your Title Page, in-line citations or References) presented in APA 6th style. You should use Times New Roman 12 font, double-space, and have 1” margins on all 4 sides. You will earn 0.5 point for meeting the size requirement.
Bronfenbrenner’s ecological perspective Essay
• On the essays, you will need to name and define the proper terminology associated with the theory and/or theorist that serves as a basis for your reply. Please bold, italicize, and underline this vocabulary the first time it occurs in each essay.

• Focus on original thought about material as you provide a comprehensive definition. You will earn 5 points for including all the required terms with correct and comprehensive definitions. Do not simply replicate or quote. Keeping in mind that excessive quoting is against the Student Code of Conduct (found at http://scai.kennesaw.edu/KSU_Codes_of_Conduct_2018-2019.pdf), paraphrase IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Nonetheless, if you choose to quote, you must do so properly and having more than one line (or approximately 10 words) of quoted text on a single page will be considered plagiarism. Be forewarned that your writing may be filtered through plagiarism detection software (and may become part of the TurnItIn database), and the Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI) procedures will be followed.
Bronfenbrenner’s ecological perspective Essay
• Quality writing is substantive, logical, cognitive, on-topic, and supported with an example. You will earn 2 points for correct and detailed examples. Show your understanding through original (not from the text, lecture, or commonly known), real-world personal examples which supports or refutes the material. Provide a specific behavioral scenario based on your experience that demonstrates a chosen term (you are not psychoanalyzing anyone else), and include vivid details, not just broad statements. The depth of the examples you choose to share will be based on your comfort with introspection, self-analysis, and self-disclosure. Examples about friends or family or generically about someone else do not meet the personal example criteria. Other people can be included in a descriptive scenario, but the example must come back to you

• You should paraphrase, cite in-body, and reference using APA 6th style. Minimally include the specific page(s) from the text, and the specific slide(s) from the PowerPoint used. You should also paraphrase, cite, and reference any materials outside the course. While unnecessary, if you choose to go outside course materials, you must both cite and reference the source(s). You will earn 0.5 point for properly citing and referencing all sources.

Bronfenbrenner’s ecological perspective Essay

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