Business name: Complete Business Solutions Australia

Business name: Complete Business Solutions Australia



Business Plan
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Business details
Business name: Complete Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
Trading name: Complete Business Solutions Australia (CBSA)
Business structure: Company
ABN: 80 999 444 333
GST: Yes. Registered to pay GST
Business location: 300 Fictional Way, Sydney, NSW 2000
Domain names: www.cbsa.com.au
Date established: 10/05/1998
Business owner(s): Gavin Stead
Products/services: B2B Consultancy services
Our target audience
Target market: Small, medium, and enterprise size organisations.
Marketing strategy: Broad strategies of electronic, event based, and traditional advertising.
Tag line: “Your business expert”
Business goals
Mission: “Helping businesses to help themselves”
Vision: “To become Australia’s largest business advocate”
Business goals:
● To become Australia’s largest business consultancy firm
● To support business owners and their immediate and future needs
● To deliver a first-class customer experience to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
● To remain up-to-date with the latest business compliance requirements
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Organisational chart
Gavin Stead
Managing Director
Tina Hughes
Sales & Marketing
Kelly Munro
Adrian Russo
Marketing Strategist
Con Kafatos
IT Manager
Sally Fischer
Systems Analyst
Tan Yamamoto
Software Developer
Tina Yates
IT Technician
Sam Tailor
Support Specialist
James Hanson
Graphic Designer
Glenda Williams
HR Manager
Ian Banks
Contract Specialist
Zane O’Brien
Human Resources
Henry Thomas
Governance Manager
Jay Gartner
Business Compliance
Dave O’Connor
Sustainability Expert
Isha Khatri
Legal Advisor
Keith Banks
Jason Yee
Health & Safety
Wi Zhang
Chief Finance Officer
Tim Gibbons
Accounts Officier
May Lee
Jimmy Burton
Tax Agent
Jane Porter
Financial Advisor
Brenda Hawkins
Steve Alfonso
Training Manager
Trey White
Abby Smith
Sally Pierce
Personal Assistant
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CBSA Board
To help meet the strategic direction of the organisation as opposed to the operational activities, three senior staff
form the CBSA Board as follows:
● Managing Director – Gavin Stead
● Chief Financial Officer – Wi Zhang
● Governance Manager – Henry Thomas
The CBSA board objectives are to:
● Set the strategic direction of the organisation
● Uphold the organisations values
● Ensure attainment of the organisations business objectives
● Ensure the financial stability and viability of the organisation
● Ensure compliance with legal and ethical obligations
While CBSA staff are grouped and arranged around functional operational activities, individual staff members are
commonly placed into project teams for specific purposes to meet the many needs of CBSA clients. This can lead
to situations where lines of authority and responsibility of staff members can become blurred. Do the project
responsibilities take precedence or do day-to-day operational responsibilities take precedence?
To avoid potential conflicts, project governance forms a vital part of ensuring the clear roles and responsibilities,
levels of authority, and issue escalation and resolution processes are clearly defined for each project. By
implementing a clear plan, it is hoped that conflict will be minimalised between functional managers needs and
those of project managers.
Due to the wide range of services offered, and the needs of these services for each client, prices are determined
for each client after the initial consultation meeting. A profit ratio of 15-20% is the minimum amount necessary
for each of the client services offered after expenses have been covered.
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An example of the typical rates for major services in the following table:
Service Description Price (per hour
Financial services Budgeting $100
Payroll $85-$125
Accountancy $140-$180
Bookkeeping $85-$125
Financial planning $100
Technology services
Systems analyst and integration $200
Website/software development $120-$150
Networking and security $120-$150
IT Support $65-$85
Business services Human resources (staff management, recruitment, contracts,
position descriptions, etc.)
Auditing $150-$200
Branding and styling $85-$125
Legal advice $250-$500
Business compliance and administration $85-$125
Training services Range of training programs tailored to the client’s needs. $85 – $150
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Projected profit and loss for upcoming financial year 20XX
IT Services $600,000.00
Financial Services $1,200,000.00
Business Services $1,200,000.00
HR Services $500,000.00
Training Services $85,000.00
Total income $3,585,000.00
Costs of Goods Sold
Purchases $20,000.00
Total Costs of Goods Sold $20,000.00
Office Lease $100,000.00
Travel Expenses $85,000.00
Insurance $14,000.00
Wages and Salaries $2,600,000.00
Running Expenses $8,000.00
Utilities $8,000.00
Total Expenses $2,851,000.00
Net Position
Income $3,585,000.00
Cost of Goods Sold $20,000.00
Gross profit $3,565,000.00
Expenses $2,851,000.00
Other income $0.00
Other expenses $0.00
Net Position $750,000.00
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Projected Profit Margin Ratio
The profit margin ratio formula is calculated by dividing net income by net sales:
Net income: $750,000.00 ÷
Net sales: $3,585,000.00
Profit margin ratio: 20.92%
Projected cash flow
The projected cash flow shows CBSA will generates sufficient cash flow to support operations:
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cash balance
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Advertising & sales
Advertising & promotional strategy
The following provides details of upcoming marketing strategies:
Type Expected business improvement Cost Target date
Website banner ads Generate leads to the website $2,500.00 Annual
Newspaper Targeted to increase sales by 5% $6,200.00 Annual
Radio Targeted to increase sales by 10% $18,900.00 31/06/20XX
Television Targeted to increase sales by 20% $50,575.00 31/10/20XX
Website Targeted to allow easy access to services $9,275.00 Annual
Email newsletter Targeted to retain customer loyalty $1,100.00 Annual
Facebook Targeted to raise organisation profile $600.00 Annual
Twitter Targeted to raise organisation profile $280.00 Annual
Instagram Targeted to raise organisation profile $300.00 Annual
LinkedIn Targeted to raise organisation profile $450.00 Annual
Sponsorship Targeted to raise organisation profile $8,500.00 30/06/20XX
Public events Targeted to raise organisation profile $19,050.00 30/06/20XX
Winter sales campaign Targeted to increase sales by 15% $12,000.00 31/08/20XX
Summer sales
Targeted to increase sales by 15% $9,500.00 31/03/20XX
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Sales & distribution channels
Channel type Percentage of sales
Electronic 65%
Direct contact 25%
Shopfront 10%
Trading hours
The business is operational during the following hours:
● Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5:30PM
● Public holidays: Closed
● Exceptions can be made depending on the client requirements. Different hours can be negotiated
depending on circumstance.
Plant and equipment
CBSA utilises the following plant and equipment for its operations:
Equipment Purchase date Purchase price Running costs
29 x Personal Computer/laptops 07/03/20XX $2,000 each $2,500 per month
2 x Network servers 15/02/20XX $4,000 each $300 per month
Network router 15/02/20XX $300 $10 per month
2 x Network switches 15/02/20XX $250 each $20 per month
Fridge 01/02/20XX $1,800 $20 per month
Microwave 01/02/20XX $400 $15 per month
Television 01/02/20XX $1,500 $20 per month
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Technology (Software)
CBSA utilises the following software for its operations:
Software Cost License Count Expiry
Windows 10 Professional $199 28 None
Windows Server 2016 Standard $849 2 None
Office 365 Enterprise E3 $30 per month/per user 28 Monthly
Salesforce $75 per month/per user 8 Monthly
MYOB AccountRight $55 per month/per user 7 Monthly
Visual Studio 2017 Professional $539 per year 3 Annual
NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 $0 4 None
Brackets 1.13 $0 4 None
WordPress 4.9.8 $0 4 None
Communication channels
CBSA customers get in contact using the following channels:
● Telephone
● Mail
● Email
● Physical location (storefront)
● Website
● Social Media
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Payment types accepted
Payment types that CBSA accepts include:
● Cash
● Credit
● Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
● Cheque
● PayPal
● Stripe

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