This must cover the topic in detail and use three research studies (linked below and must use the full text not just the abstract) to describe the topic. This
-be scientific in nature
-be free of persuasiveness, opinions, conjecture and assumptions
-be free of ‘first person’ writing
-include an introduction and background (this should give us a good idea of what your topic is about – this section needs in-text citations as well)
-include discussion of 3 of your 5 primary research articles from your annotated bibliography sources (this section is the supporting evidence – you will
discuss each study in detail and discuss how the results tie in to your overall topic.)
-End with a conclusion that loops us back to the beginning. Here you will ‘tie things up’ but revisiting the topic, but now with the addition of how the research
has added to the current body of evidence.
Be sure to include the research design used for each of the studies you discuss
-For each of the studies you discuss, you’ll need to describe the study including protocol, results, and limitations.
Specifications: 4-5 pages, standard margins, double spaced, 11 or 12 pt font including in-text citations, but not including a cover page. In other words, the
cover page should not be one of the pages in the 4-5 page paper. The cover page should include my name (Fatimah Abbas) and the title. The first page of
your paper should start with the first sentence, not with any other info. A separate reference page should be included in the AMA citation style. 3.5 pages is
not 4. 3.75 pages is not 4.
To clarify: The first page should be a cover page, pages 2 through 5 or 2 through 6 (depending on length) should be the content of the paper with no
additional stuff like title, heading, name etc. Then an additional page at the end for references must be added.
Links to the sources to discuss in the paper:

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