Campaign Financing And Why We Should Explore It

Campaign Financing And Why We Should Explore It


Campaign Financing:

When it comes to national elections, people need money to fund their campaigns. But, usually people are not self-financing, that is, they don’t simply spend their own money, they require donations.

A. What is campaign financing. and why should we explore it?

B. Some slight historical background.

C. How much money are we talking about at the federal level as to donations (not from the federal government, but privately raised)? Where does it come from? Where does it go? Who were the five biggest, individual donors for Clinton and Trump and how much did they donate (in 2016)?

D. Are there any regulations, constraints?

E. What are PAC’s and Superpacs? Can anyone donate as much as they like? F. What do candidates spend the money on?

G. Do you think there should be any limitations or constraints? What’s your ideal scenario and how do we get there? How would the country benefit in this scenario?

5-6 pages, MLA or APA format.

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