– A 1600-2000 word typed, double-spaced RESEARCH essay on some aspect of modern art (1920-1970).
– You can devise your own topic. But make sure to frame your essay in the form of an argument/thesis.
– I expect this to be a research paper where a minimum of SIX academic sources are consulted and used in this paper (ideally more will be used).
o Any books you use should be specific to the movement or artist rather than broad art history survey books or books of an encyclopedic nature, and preferably from an academic press (Yale, Oxford, etc.).
o Journal articles are valuable references for a paper as they are often the most current scholarship and tend to offer a more specific focus.
– Please include images of art works discussed. Label them but don’t worry about citing them. If you do cite images, please separate them from your textual references and label as Image citations
– Consider art as foundational to an art history paper – a kind of primary source. When introducing an artwork for the first time, make sure the full name of the artist is used, the title of the work is in italics and the date is included (in brackets beside it).
o Example: As we can see in John Sloan’s Hairdresser’s Window (1907), American realists often brought a sense of humour and relatability to their scenes of New York.
– While some context/biography is important don’t treat this paper as a biography. An artist’s career often has many phases so focus on one phase and zoom in on one or more works produced at that time. What is important is that your focus is narrow enough to allow analysis rather than simple description and that you frame your paper as an argument.

– Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Cans
– Find and explore a theme, specific intent, or a unique facet of the artwork of a modern artist (working within the years 1920-1980).

* If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know! *

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