can you answer these questions for ch 8

can you answer these questions for ch 8


Grace A. Luppino, J.D., & Justine FitzGerald Miller

1 What is the rationale behind the federal mandate upon individual states to enact child support guidelines?

2 What are some of the factors that a court may consider when determining whether or not to deviate from the child support guidelines?

3 Based on your reading of Chapter 8, should a court modify a payor spouse’

s obligation to pay child support when that individual voluntarily left his or her job?

4 What are a client’

s options when seeking to enforce a child support order in a situation where the payor spouse has moved to another state?

5 In your opinion, is it fair for a family court to order divorced parents to provide their children with post majority support when intact families are not subject to the same requirement?

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