Canadian National Parks and Wilderness Society

Canadian National Parks and Wilderness Society


In this discussion, you will evaluate some of the impacts of diamond mining in northern Canada from the perspective of someone who lives there. This week you will hear about the Canadian diamond industry from the perspective of Tracey Williams, a trustee for the Canadian National Parks and Wilderness Society, who has been living near diamond mines in the Northwest Territories (NWT) since 1999. She challenges the claim that Canadian diamonds are completely “conflict free”.

In an interview conducted by jeweller Marc Choyt, Williams shares her firsthand account of the effects of massive strip-mining in the tundra on both Natives and wildlife. After reading the article transcribing the interview, answer the questions provided and post a summary of your thoughts to the Discussion Board. You must also reply to one of your classmate’s posts. See specific directions below.

Completing this assignment supports meeting the following course learning outcomes:

Summarize the processes of obtaining key mining products and refining them for use in our everyday objects.

Discuss the effect of mineral extraction on the social, environmental and political realms by careful analysis of case studies on mining in each of these three areas.

Illustrate the effect of the trade of these goods on the people who live and work in the mines where these goods are extracted.

For your original post:

Read the article Diamond Mining Impact on People, Wildlife in NWT of CanadaOpens in a new tab by Marc Choyt and answer the following questions by the date and time indicated in the Instructional Plan:

According to Tracey Williams, what has been the environmental impact of the NWT diamond mines? Consider any contamination and pollution, the effects on animal populations, and the geological impact to the landscape.
In Williams’ view, are remediation efforts likely to reverse the damage done by mining? Why or why not?
How have the mines impacted the lives of the community members surrounding the mines? Have they divided or brought together members of this community, according to Williams?
After reading this article, do you believe that Canadian diamonds are a true “conflict-free” choice? Support your opinion drawing from this week’s course material on blood diamonds. You may also want to read the New York Times article Northern Canada, the Conflict-Free Diamond Frontier for some perspective.
For your reply post:

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