Case analysis/ essay | Management homework help

Case analysis/ essay | Management homework help


·       Use single-spaced 12-point font with a maximum of 2 pages per assignment (800 words)

Case: Levi’s atWal-Mart




·   For all of the following questions, supplement your answers withdata and other evidence from thecase.


·   Only data from the case may be used. No outside researchis necessary orpermitted.


·   All answers should be based on the situation the company wasfacing

at the time of the casecontent




1.   Conduct a SWOT analysis ofLevi’s.

·   Analyze the strengths, weaknesses and opportunitiesand threats for Levi’s. Bedetailed.


2.   Based on the “generic strategy” framework described in Chapter5, how would you classify Levi’s (at the time of the case).Explain why you made this choice using data and evidence from thecase.


3.   Answer the question implied by the case title. Should Levi’ssell products atWal-Mart?  Defend your answers using dataand evidence from thecase.


Read the case carefully and write your anaysis. Do not use bullet point. Write it like a report to the boss. And do not just write all the things listed in the case. Most importantly is your personal thinking. 



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