CASE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS   OVERVIEW The student will write two separate Case

The student will write two separate Case Assignments that focus on two individual cases from
the Ferrell textbook. Each Case Assignment must be between 4–5 pages (double spaced), not
including the title or reference pages. The Case Assignments must include five or more peer
reviewed references in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible and must be in current
APA format.
There must be a clear thesis statement with an introduction that provides a clear overview of the
paper’s contents. The issues raised in the topic must be treated objectively. The conclusion must
offer a robust summary of the issues treated in the paper and suggestions for further study. The
paper will be written in an objective (3rd person) format and cover the topic to sufficient depth
for an upper-class research paper and provide a substantive evaluation of the ethical issue(s).
 Read the case from the Ferrell text (Monsanto in Module 4: Week 4; Enron in
Module 5: Week 5).
 Address the questions at the end of the case.
 Each question at the end of the case should be used as an APA Level One heading
in your paper.
 You may use Level Two headings in the paper as appropriate.
 All material should be presented in APA format, including but not limited to the
title page, and references page.
 Sources should be cited where appropriate and it is encouraged to write in your
own words (paraphrase) as much as possible.
 Avoid lengthy block quotes.

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