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June 11, 2021

GIS and Disease Monitoring – custom papers

June 11, 2021

Please read The Deutsche Bank case study (see HBS Coursepack) and answer the following questions with substantive answers in a cohesive essay. Your paper should be at least 3 pages in length. Use proper grammar, spelling, citations, etc.
1. What is blockchain technology, and how can it be used in organizations and industries to create value?
2. Is blockchain technology a disruptive platform?
3. How did the Deutsche Bank managers lay the foundations for commercializing blockchain?
4. How should Deutsche Bank move ahead to start crating value from blockchain? Which key issues should it consider?
Write 3 Pages with APA format. Compose your essay in APA format, including the introduction and conclusion, and in-text citations for all sources used. In addition to your 3 page (minimum) essay, you must include an APA-style title page and reference page. Click the assignment link to compare your work to the rubric before submitting it.


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