case study public relations graduate student 0

case study public relations graduate student 0


 6 pages to answer each question seperate  of the end of the case after you read it in one page. so if have more than question try to answer them in one paghe for each case.

due in 36 hours

First, I Like your language. keep going like that and try to make the answer a little loner. And please without references.


There are another 6 chapters. In the end of each chapter there are case study .



In the end of each case study there are questions.

Please write the questions and answer them.



 try to answer each question in one page.
and try to use third party if you have enough informations about the third part theory in public relations.
English as ascend language and easy .
Due as soon as you can 
Its case study in public relations graduate student.

make the language easy for me please.

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