access_timeOctober 12, 2021


This assessment is based on a case study. You are required to first read and understand the below- mentioned case and write a report addressing a number of tasks listed below

The case is titled “The brain behind the big, bad burger and other tales of business intelligence”, which can be accessed from: 

• Adapted from Case Study 12-2 in: Pearlson, Keri E., et al. (2016). Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, 6th Edition, Wiley, 2016. ProQuest Ebook Central. Retrieved from– bad-burger-and-other-tales-of-business-intelligence.html. Please note that there are two pages in this case study, and you need to read BOTH pages. You are then required to write a 1500-word report addressing the following tasks:

ʉۢ Survey the application of Business Intelligence System (BIS) in two (2) industries including restaurant chain industry and evaluate whether, if so how, a BIS can add value to the business in respective industry. In your evaluation for restaurant chain industry, use CKE as an example. Explain how a BIS is different from an information system with a reporting functionality.

 â€¢ Discuss the lessons you learnt from developing and using BIS at CKE that you can use to advise other similar businesses. 

• Discuss the barriers the owner of a business may face in rolling out a BIS for the management of the business. Discuss how solve the challenges. 

• Critically discuss whether business should always trust the decisions made by a BIS. Discuss whether the introduction of Monster Thickburger is a good idea? If you do not think it is a good idea, discuss what other factors a BIS should consider or what input BIS should be fed so that it does not recommend such an idea. 

• Make 2-3 recommendation with respect to rolling out and using BIS at CKE.


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