Challenges Facing Police Executives In The 21st Century

Challenges Facing Police Executives In The 21st Century


Historically, police executives have sought to distance themselves from police misconduct as a form of political survival. Rather than addressing the true causes, they seek quick fixes. Quick fixes serve as a catalyst for police misconduct and encourage only a narrow investigative focus, as opposed to exploring systemic problems.

As the supervisor of the internal affairs division within your police department, the chief has charged you with the responsibility of reviewing the department’s procedures regarding the investigation, determination, and recommended strategies that are related to officer misconduct.

Assignment Guidelines

Complete the following:
Address the following in 1,250–1,750 words:
What do you see as the major challenges facing police executives in the 21st century? Explain in detail.
What suggestions do you recommend for overcoming the “code of silence” that permeates all levels of the department? Explain.
What role, if any, does organizational culture play? Explain.
Who establishes the culture within the organization? Explain.
Be sure to reference all of your sources using APA style.

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