Change Management Plan

Change Management Plan


This assignment has 3 parts:
Part 1: A Change Management Plan (CMP), in MS Word format. See textbook, PMI.org, the LEO classroom,
and other professional PM Web sites for details; use an Internet search if necessary. Unlike the risk

the CMP is not a list of changes and their status and handling. Rather, the change management plan is

what it
sounds like: a plan for how the project intends to manage any changes that may occur. The CMP should
include at least the following:
o Methodology, strategy, and tools for handling changes
o Roles and responsibilities for change management
o Organization for change management (CCB, etc.)
o Change process (flowchart and/or description)
o Budget for change handling process. This is not the cost of implementing the changes listed in the “1.
Required Changes” section above, but r

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