Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation theory is a particularly good theoretical framework to apply to an EBP project. However, students may also choose to use change models, such as Duck’s Change Curve Model or the Transtheoretical Model of Behavioral Change. Other conceptual models presented such as a utilization model (Stetler’s model) and EBP models (the Iowa Model and ARCC Model) can also be used as a framework for applying your evidence-based intervention in a health care setting.


In a paper (not including the title page and reference page), apply a change model to the implementation plan.


Apply one of the above models and carry your implementation through each of the stages, phases, or steps identified in the chosen model.

In addition, create a conceptual model of the project. Although you will not be submitting the conceptual model you design in Topic 5 with the narrative, the conceptual model should be placed in the appendices for the final paper.


Analysis and evaluation draw warranted use of the specified change model, and rationale is appropriately supported. Work provides a detailed descriptive narrative of the implementation plan through each of the stages, phases, and/or steps. Solid interpretation of the change model in relation to the implementation plan is provided, as is appropriate evaluation of the effectiveness of the model. Work demonstrates clarity and specificity of comprehension and synthesizes all relevant information. Coverage extends beyond what is needed to support subject matter. Writer is clearly in command of standard, written, academic English.


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