Chapter 22 – The Cash BudgetAnchor…………………..

Chapter 22 – The Cash BudgetAnchor…………………..


Chapter 22 – The Cash Budget
You recently began a job as an Accounting Intern at Dejesus Delivery Company in Queens, New York. Your first task was to help prepare the Cash Budget for April and May of 2013. Unfortunately, the computer with the budget file crashed, and you did not have a back-up or even a paper copy.
You, later, ran a program to salvage bits of data from the Budget File. After entering the following data in the budget, you may have just enough information to reconstruct the budget.
Dejesus Delivery Company eliminates any cash deficiency by borrowing the exact amount needed from Queens County Saving Bank where the current interest rate is 6%. Dejesus Delivery first pays interest on its outstanding debt at the end of each month. The company, then, repays all borrowed amounts at the end of each month with any excess cash above the minimum required, but after paying monthly interest expenses.

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