Chapter 5 writing assignment | Business & Finance homework help

Chapter 5 writing assignment | Business & Finance homework help



  1. Go to page 188 in your textbook.  Go to Writing Exercises, read through Exercise 16—Writing a persuasive recommendation—university tablet computers.  Read instructions below carefully.
  2. Brainstorm and use the ACE Model to think of possible solutions to the situation and write your response. Reference why you choose your response based on the information you learned in Chapter 5.
  3. Now write a professional persuasive business letter.  Type up your letter in a word document and attach in the drop box below.
  4. Refer to Appendix A on Formats for Business Documents–“formal business letter to a business professional”
  5. Keep a copy of ALL your assignments.  Once you submit your assignment online, you will not be able to see it again
  6. Attach your document in the box below using the following title for your document:
  • FirstLastName_Ch5_Assignment

Hint:  The instructions are to compose a persuasive letter to YOUR College President of Seminole State College of Florida.  I will give you a hint, her name is Dr. Georgia Lorenz.  This letter should be in mail able format and ready to send to the College President.  Proofread and make it business professional.

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