Choose a well-known and analyzed leader in business. This will be someone who has a substantial record of being analyzed through published material that can be located in the DeVry library or elsewhere. Examples are Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Jeff Bezos, Carly Fiorina, Howard Schultz, Larry Page, Indra Nooyi, Rupert Murdoch, Meg Whitman, Henry Ford, and Herb Kelleher. Throughout this course, this leader will be the subject of your weekly discussions, so chose a leader in an industry in which you currently or plan to work.
To begin this week’s discussion, imagine your job is to introduce your leader at a large, professional, industry-specific convention. Your chosen leader is the keynote speaker, and you’re responsible for outlining his or her career highlights, education, career trajectory, and future goals for the audience.
Be sure to use actual examples from the literature and cite your sources appropriately. Be sure to include extensive research outside the textbook and also to cite the textbook correctly including page numbers. You are expected to use at least two academic or business sources other than your textbook each week.

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Be sure your first post each week directly addresses the prompt above. Your remaining posts should continue to further the depth and breadth of the discussion by responding to your professor or classmates.