Project #1: Human Rights

Over the past four weeks, we have been examining how writers use certain techniques to make their writing more persuasive. For instance, writers might emphasize their own authority or credibility (ethos); they might appeal to an audience’s values, emotions, or experiences (pathos); they might base their argument on careful reasoning (logos); or they might take advantage of opportunity or timing (kairos). These techniques are part of what is known as rhetoric—the effective use of language. Analyzing the rhetorical choices writers make allows us to evaluate their arguments more effectively and respond appropriately. This assignment asks you to conduct such a rhetorical analysis of a text.


Choose one of the following Global Human Rights Issues:

The Right to Live Freely—Violations: Discrimination, Slavery
The Right to Food, Shelter, Medical Care—Violations: Oppression by Governments, Discrimination, War
The Right to Marry—Violations: Discrimination
The Right to Religious Freedom—Violations: Discrimination, Oppression by Governments
The Right to Education—Violations: Discriminations, Oppression by Governments
The Right to Legal Counsel—Violations: Oppression by Governments, War, Discrimination
The Right to Freedom of Speech—Violations: Oppression by Governments, War, Discrimination
Use the following websites to get more information about the issue you select:

Amnesty International – Training and Education
Black Lives Matter
Charter for Compassion – Social Justice
Global Issues – Human Rights Issues
Human Rights Campaign
Human Rights Watch
org – The Global Goals for Sustainable Development
org – Frontline
UNICEF – What We Do
United Nations > Global Issues > Human Rights
United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR)- List of Human Rights
United Nations > What We Do > Protect Human Rights
S. Department of State – Human Rights
After you have familiarized yourself with a general Global Human Rights issues listed above, and

as you move into your research using the PCC Libraries Website and Academic Search Complete (EBSCO Host), you will narrow your search into one article about the Human Rights issue that interests you.

Steps to follow for the structure of your paper:

Begin with an objective summary of the argument you are analyzing (1-3 sentences).
In your thesis, assert which lines of argument help the essay succeed (or not).
Develop paragraphs around specific claims [assertions] that the author makes, as well as the evidence [facts, reason, etc.] that he or she provides to support those claims, and for each Claim + Supporting Evidence, spend some time judging how well [or not well] the author succeeds in connecting his or her assertions to persuasive pieces of evidence. Your focus should be on logos, ethos, and pathos. Use quotations from the article to support your analysis.
Connection” is really the key here: it is not just a matter of whether or not the evidence provided is “true” or “valid” or not, but whether or not the evidence really fully supports the assertion that supposedly depends upon it. You might also look for assertions that don’t seem to be supported by anything–those are assumptions and you can note those as weaknesses in any argument.
Conclude with an overall assessment of the argument’s strengths and weaknesses.
Follow the guidelines for length and format: 3-5 pages of typed text, double-spaced with 1” margins in 12 pt Times, MLA documentation.


Refer to pp. 121-124 for student example of a rhetorical analysis paper by Cameron Hauer.
In addition to your handbook, you can use the Purdue Online Writing Lab: MLA Formatting and Style Guide for help with your format.
More tips on MLA-style citation can be found in Chapter 22, “Documenting Sources” in Everything’s an Argument.
Other than working with me in “Course Chat” in Canvas, you can also get more research help with the Ask a Librarian feature on the PCC Libraries webpage.

Final Draft Submission (Either as one large file, or you can submit the final draft and then add the attachments in the Comments area:

Final Draft
2 Peer Editing Workshops that your peers did on your draft using pp. 128-130
1 Self-Editing Workshop you did on your own draft using pp. 128-130
Any other notes that will help me underst

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