chromosome 8 areassociated

chromosome 8 areassociated


1. Modify the query TP53[Gene Name] so that when it is used to search NCBI’s Protein database,only TP53 records from mouse, rat, or human are returned.
2  What GO term has the accession GO:0046548? How many human genes on chromosome 8 areassociated with this term?
3.  What mammalian species expresses a longer titin protein than dogs? Give an example of a nonmammalian species that express a titin-like protein.
4.  Find the Entrez Gene record for the human gene PTPN6. Open the record for this gene and thenclick on the KEGG link, which should be located on the right side of the page, under “Links to externalresources” (you may have to click on “Links to other resources” to expand the list). The KEGG record for thisgene includes a Pathway section, which contains links to graphical maps of pathways involving this gene’sproducts. Examine the “Jak-STAT signaling pathway”. Based on the pathway, do you think that an inhibitor of PTPN6’s phosphatase activity would increase or decrease expression of PIM1? Explain your answer.
5.  Use the PCR tool on the UCSC Genome Bioinformatics site (http://genome.ucsc.edu/) to fifind theregion of the chicken genome (Nov. 2011 assembly) located between these PCR primers:6. What chicken RefSeq gene is located in this region?How many exons does this gene contain? Does this gene’s second intron contain the GT/AG consensussequence?

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