2) Make a Google Slide Deck that shows the following information from your created country: (at least 10 slides) (50pts)
• Government Structure- with a definition of your Structure and your description
• Governing System -with a definition of your System and your description
• Social System -with a definition of your System and your description
• Include an image of your Political Spectrum with an explanation of the percentages that your government hits each benchmark (i.e. minarchism, de-regulation, low spending)
• Include an image of your summary Chart: this will be the quad chart that plots your country as either Statist or minarchism on the y-axis and left or right along the x- axis

3) Create a brochure: After Completing your Country answer Why Your country should be the form of government utilized today
Include information on the following: (50pts)
• Military funding/ Military Service
• Immigration Policy
• Executive, Legislative, Judicial Style of governing
• Voting Requirements
• Entry Requirements into your country
• Foreign Policy
• Religion
• Civil Rights, Civil Liberties for Groups
• Government Regulations
• Government Spending and Welfare
· Within this country make your own laws and determinations of how the world should run
· When using the website (in link below) follow the instructions prior to choosing your options
· If you don’t know a definition hover over it with your mouse and it will provide a definition


Government Icon (Controls your Basic and Fundamental Society and Gov’t)
1) Select Sovereign unit Country or Earth
2) Select the level of autonomy you will provide your citizenship
3) Select a ruling class (who is in charge)
4) Create your 3 Branches of Government and voting requirements
5) Decide if you want a religion or no Religion or secular Religion.
6) Create your military funding, foreign policy and military service style
7) Decide your immigration policy and numbers of acceptance by category.
8) List the entry requirements to become a Citizen of you country
9 )Provide Regulations, Rights, Spending, Banking Information
10) Create a Tax plan, welfare plan, and minimum wage, pension control

Law Enforcement Icon (Controls your Public Policies and Judicial
1) While maintaining BCSD appropriateness within the classroom select the punishments for crimes as you see fit or legalizing what you think should be allowed
2) Keep in mind some of these are sensitive topics but align with the creation of Policies and Public Opinion of your Created Country!
3) If you make everything legal or illegal that will outline how in charge or autonomous you permit your society to be
4) If you require a license for activities it is gov’t controlled vs. unregulated means the gov’t has no control (Gambling, Narcotics, etc.)

Sectors Icon: (Controls your Economic System)
1) Decide if you will be publicly run (gov’t owned) or private business (private ownership) and the degree of gov’t control on these items
2) These 10 items will control your spending and income habits and help build your GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
3) Private Ownership provides more individual autonomy but requires more gov’t decision making
4) Public Ownership means that the gov’t makes all the decisions and not the people
5) This is how the Wealth of Nations is built by controlling economies and influencing neighbors
6) A Subsidy in each item is gov’t control of that particular industry
7) Corporate taxes apply to businesses in each sector for how much a business is taxed;
Personal Taxes apply to workers within that particular sector,
Consumption Tax applies to the purchase of a good or service from that sector.
Import Tariffs tax foreign countries goods,
Export tariffs tax your nations goods moving to another country