Clarity and Effectiveness of Purpose and the Use of Time.

Clarity and Effectiveness of Purpose and the Use of Time.


Paper instructions:

Midterm – Mutual Aid Assignment (4-6 pages)
This assignments measures (Competencies 6-8: K, V, CAP)
Select one twelve-step program and attend an “open” meeting of this group.  In this case, “open” refers to a meeting which can be attended by someone who does not suffer from this condition.  Submit a brief (4 -6) page paper analyzing your experience utilizing the outline below.
Please proof-read carefully, and be sure to incorporate extensive, relevant course literature. Linking your experience to course literature and discussions is a critical component of this assignment.
The following websites may help you locate an appropriate meeting.

You may  attend a group at your current field placement agency. If you chose a different organization, you must discuss it with the instructor PRIOR TO ATTENDING the meeting.
Assignment Outline
Viewing the meeting through the lens of a group worker, please respond to the following items.
I. Name of group/meeting
II. Date, time and length of meeting
III. Place of meeting
IV. Participants – number, demographics (age, race/ethnicity, gender, social class/economic class, disabilities), assigned roles
V. Brief summary of the content and structure of the meeting
VI. Assessment of the properties of the group (atmosphere, cohesion, leadership, participation patterns, communication patterns, decision-making processes, sociometric patterns, etc.)
VII. The therapeutic/helping factors evidenced in the meeting (Use Yalom’s therapeutic factors). Identify how these factors were demonstrated in the meeting.
VIII. Clarity and effectiveness of purpose and the use of time.
IX. Assessment of the stage of the group’s development. Cite examples to support your assessment.

Reflect upon the potential value and influence of this group/association on you and your personal/professional aspirations.  Consider and respond to the following:
X. How did you feel as an attendee at the meeting?
XI. What aspects of the meeting did you like?  What suggestions for improvement  would you make?
XII. How did your experience relate to course readings and discussions including, but not limited to, the articles by P. B. Rosenberg, Support groups: A special therapeutic entity. Be sure to cite multiple theoretical concepts from class readings to your observations and assessments.
XIII. How would you implement a mutual aid group in your field setting (what would be the focus, who would participate, what would be the potential barriers)
XIV. Concluding comments.

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