Clinical Case Presentation

Clinical Case Presentation

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-Students must post one interesting case that he/she has seen in the clinical setting

-The case should be posted in the SOAP format, with references for the patient diagnosis, differential diagnoses (there should be at least 3), and the treatment plan.

-The posting does not have to be written in APA format, but should be written with correct spelling and grammar.

-References should be in APA format.

-The selected references should reflect current evidence – dated within the past 5 years

-Please use attached soap note for clinical presentation

The evaluation of the
presentation is based on the following:

Criteria Points
Chief Complaint & pertinent history 10
Pertinent exam and diagnostics 10
Working diagnosis with supporting criteria 5
Management plan 5
Epidemiological data – cited from literature 10
Evidenced based rationale for treatment (literature based) 10
Analysis of self-care and family issues r/t diagnosis and treatment plan 20
Evaluation parameters to be used (or were used) to determine outcomes 10
Identify major “lessons learned” and how it may affect your future practice
Total 100

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