CMNS 112: Professional Writing I

CMNS 112: Professional Writing I



Chooses either Type 1 OR Type 2 diabetes and describes the diabetic disease process. This includes brief pathophysiology that shows the student understands what is happening in the body when a client has the selected disease.

Student describes a head to toe assessment focusing on what would be abnormal in the assessment that relates to the selected disease process. Student goes beyond listing signs and symptoms and describes what they would see or what the client might say if they have the selected disease.

Student describes ALL of the following: who they would collaborate with on the care of the client with the specified disease process and why AND describes how they would manage the client’s care (nursing interventions) AND lists potential complications of the disease process.

Sources are cited in text AND in the reference list.

Body of paper is AT LEAST 250 words AND there are a few to no grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation errors.


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