CMST 2220 Interpersonal Communication Storycorps Reflection Assignment

CMST 2220 Interpersonal Communication Storycorps Reflection Assignment

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Storycorps Reflection Assignment


  1. Go to the Storycorps.org website. Browse through the stories and individual topics. You must first select the “Stories” link up at the top left of the homepage.

  1. View several stories and find one that you can relate to and would like to write a connective piece about. I would like for you to listen to the stories, instead of reading the transcripts. Listening to the stories audibly will allow you to experience the rich non-verbal’s of tone of voice, vocal rate, emphasis on words, pitch, volume, and most importantly allow you to digest the emotional undertone of the individuals speaking.

  1. Write your connective piece by answering the below questions about your chosen story by copying and pasting the questions on a separate page and type your responses. I am expecting between 1-2 paragraphs for each question.
  • List and explain at least 2 personal connections you found to the story you chose?
  • What did you find to be the most surprising aspect about the story you chose? Why?
  • Name at least one great lesson, piece of awareness, or aspect of empathy that you received from listening to your story. Explain your example.
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