Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics


Complete Business Solutions Australia is a simulated business established by Eduworks Resources for the purposes of training and assessment of students enrolled in vocational qualifications.

All rights reserved. 2019 Copyright. Eduworks Resources a division of RTO Advice Group.


This Code of Ethics is designed to outline the standard of behaviour expected by employees of Complete Business Solutions Australia (CBSA).


  • CBSA staff are expected to adhere to the following values:
  • Be inclusive: ensure that all internal and external customers are treated the same.
  • Be honest: ensure that you in business representations with internal and external customers.
  • Be accountable: promise what you say you will deliver.
  • Be sustainable: ensure that sustainability plays an important part in any work activities that you undertake.
  • Be professional: ensure that you act with integrity at all times.

Document Control

Document No. & Name: SD HR005 – Code of Ethics CBSA V1.0 (ID 165657).docxEthicst
Quality Area: Human Resources (HR)
Author: Complete Business Solutions Australia (CBSA)
Status: Approved
Approved By: Henry Thomas
Approval Date: 26/10/2018
Review Date: 27/10/2019

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