compensation and benefits research paper 3

compensation and benefits research paper 3

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Submit your Research Paper #3 here!

Your Research Paper #3 topic list follows:

  1. Executive Compensation in the U.S. Today
  2. The Emergence of Team Incentive Plans
  3. The Quest to Make Labor Costs More Variable
  4. The Status of Employee Stock Ownership Plans in the U.S. Today
  5. How Valuable Are Employee Benefit Plans?
  6. The Power of Unions in the U.S. Today
  7. Or, submit a compensation or benefit topic of your own choosing

Note: Your third research paper is due on Sunday in Unit 7. Per your course syllabus, each of your 3 papers must be a minimum of 3 full double-spaced pages and a maximum of 5 pages. You may use your textbook as a source, but you must have a minimum of 3 non-text sources as well. Please document your sources professionally and include a bibliography. A word to the wise — quality is paramount, but in most cases a 3 page paper will not be valued as highly as a 4 or 5 page paper. See attached file for specific details and grading criteria for this assignment.

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