Complete Adult Education Philosophy TWO PART TASK DUE (AIU)

Complete Adult Education Philosophy TWO PART TASK DUE (AIU)

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Part 1:

When you apply for a job in the field of education, you will frequently be asked to include your philosophy of education in the portfolio. In addition, you will likely be asked by potential or current employers to discuss your philosophy and your reasons for your beliefs. Think about all of the discussions that you have had about various topics and ethics within your area of specialization. Review the theories and models that you found particularly appropriate and that aligned with your goals. Develop a philosophy of education (1 page maximum) that includes the following (at a minimum):

  • Why you feel education is an important profession
  • How you like to be taught
  • How you plan to approach your learners
  • What you consider your teaching style to be
  • How you support learning

Keep in mind that you are writing your education philosophy statement for a potential employer, and format it accordingly.

Part 2:


Once you have written your Education Philosophy, this assignment will require you to create a video in which you read your Education Philosophy statement and explain your thought process behind its creation (theories, models, research, experiences that inspired your philosophy creation, and so on). You will be required to view and comment on the videos of at least 3 of your peers. Upon completion of your peer reviews, you will review the comments provided by your classmates on your video, review any faculty and field expert comments provided, and then adjust your Education Philosophy as necessary. You will submit your final version of your Education Philosophy into the Virtual Campus Assignment Submission area for final grading.

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