components of an ecosystem

components of an ecosystem


Define the term or concept in your own words Demonstrate understanding by writing one or two paragraphs applying your knowledge to a real-world example. The realworld example will be from your locale or your travels and will be illustrated with a photo or video.
As appropriate, compare and contrast the term or concept with related terms or concepts (e.g., if you were writing about abiotic components of an ecosystem, you may elect to discuss biotic components. Your entire description of abiotic should not be just a comparison, however).
Use at least one external academic reference (journal articles, textbooks, reliable internet sources), not including your course textbook, for each term or concept. Reference using APA  6th edition.
Illustrate the concept by a photograph or video.
Create a map showing the location where the photograph or video was taken. You should submit one map containing all locations for the twenty terms and concepts. You are free to create your map, however you
would like; you may use a screenshot, hand-draw your map, or use a computer mapping program. Your map should follow proper mapping standards,

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