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Computer security | Computer Science homework help

Please read below and respond with 150 words or more on how to keep your computer safe.

 Malware typically infects a machine by tricking users into clicking  and/or installing a program that they shouldn’t from the Internet. The  purpose of malware is to interfere with a machine for a variety of  reasons. From the theft of financial details to sensitive corporate or  personal information, malware is best avoided, for even if it has no  malicious purpose at present, it could well have so at some point in the  future. Spyware is any software that installs itself on your computer  and starts covertly monitoring your online behavior without your  knowledge or permission. Spyware uses your internet connection to relay  personal information such as your name, address, browsing habits,  preferences, interests, or downloads.
A trojan horse is a kind of  software that is used for malicious purposes. A trojan horse is a  special type of malware that pretends to do a certain thing, but in  reality, it does something else, such as allow a stranger to read and  change the computer’s information. To protect against trojan horse  virus, You must secure your computer with anti-virus software or  anti-spyware software, Use a firewall. Firewalls block unwanted  connections, which can help prevent Trojan horse viruses. also, Update  your security patches for your operating system. 

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