Computer specifications | Information Systems homework help

Computer specifications | Information Systems homework help



Assignment 2 – Computer Specifications

This is an individual assignment.

Purpose: Whatever field you go into, you will likely be a part of selecting and/or purchasing computing equipment and/or software. This assignment will help you gain some insight into this process. 


You are an IT consultant and you are attempting to snag your first client.  You must create specifications and a price quote for the purchase of three (3) computers from three (3) vendors. After collecting your information, you will end up with a 3×3 matrix (table), or a total of nine (9) price quotes.  You will attach the price information to the client proposal.  In the proposal, you will state the purpose of your proposal and give your recommendation to the client for one of each of the computers to include your reasoning as to why of the three computers in that category, the client should trust you to purchase and set up that particular model.


Mr & Mrs Nouveau Rich’s only daughter is heading off to CSU this fall. Mr. Rich made his money on TikTok producing videos of his wife. He sells a new line of exercise equipment and Keto-friendly drink mixes to people who have been forced to stay at home because of the coronavirus. These TikTok followers have seen their weight skyrocket due to Publix grocery stores selling buy-one-get-one free (BOGO) Oreo cookies, ice cream, doughnuts and pasta meals and now want to eat right, exercise and take the weight off.

The Rich’s, being stuck at home with everyone else, need to prepare so send their daughter off to college while ramping up their work from home business.  Their side hustle has become a money train. They contacted you after viewing a YouTube video you produced for a class at CSU and liked your technical talent. They called and asked you to help them with the following:

  • Their daughter, Fonda B Rich, is headed off to college and needs a laptop.  Dad is partial to Microsoft and Dell products.  You know what kind of laptop the daughter is “Fonda” of – aren’t all college students?  So dad needs some options to prove to his daughter that there is more than one type of laptop out in the world that does NOT involve standing for hours at a bar for Geniuses to learn how to use a fruit…
  •  Mr. Rich (Known as Richey to his friends) is tired of creating and editing his TikTok videos on his iPhone 11.  He is getting older and his eyesight isn’t what it used to be and let’s face it, he has fat fingers. Richey Rich needs a souped up, powerful machine that he can load some sophisticated movie and music production software on and still have some power left over to play Solitaire. He also figures that his son and daughter, Ima B and Will B (nicknamed Willie), will use the desktop to play some Disney, Pokemon, and Super Mario games.
  • Mrs. Shirley B. Rich is the mastermind behind the entire Rich enterprise. With a keen head for business, she started the whole empire when she videoed herself taking the Laxed Siren Beat (by Jawsh 685) Challenge Dance in her workout active wear while making a Keto Protein Shake. When she posted it, It went viral and got over 100k followers in 48 hours. Shirley needs a business computer where she can run typical Office software and financial applications to keep up the business’ financial records as well track her Instagram and TikTok videos that Richey produces for her. She needs to be able to be on the Internet researching new recipes, new activewear looks and new TikTok dances and music. Oh, and email her fans that write asking for new Keto recipes and support on their weight lose journey. She has a weight loss blog called “Losers Win in the End.”

Use one of the Report templates in Microsoft Word or word processing software that can save files as .doc or .docx (Google Docs will work for this).

Part 1 – Hardware

  1. Create a list of specifications for the three needed (3) computers. The computers will be used in the following scenarios:
    1. A computer for a college student that can be used to take notes in class, do homework, complete assignments
    2. A computer to be used in an office for animated movies. This computer will be used to work on character design and animation sequences
    3. A computer for home business and personal use 
  2. Build a table to compare and contrast computer offerings from three (3) different vendors (Dell, HP, Apple, Toshiba, Microsoft, etc) for each of the three use cases. (For each person, you will select three options from the different vendors. For example, you might select a Dell, a Toshiba, and an Apple for Mrs. Rich, 2 different Dells and an HP for Mr. Rich, etc.). You will want to include the technical specifications for each selected computer as well as the price. You may add any peripherals you think might be needed (for example, if the computer doesn’t have a built in webcam, you will need to find and include the price for an appropriate webcam if one is needed by the client). 
    1. Hint: use the “Business” section of the vendor site for the office workstation
    2. You can choose among different “form factors” such as desktop, small form factor, tablets, all-in-one computers, traditional desktop, laptop, tower 
  3. Enter computer specs and prices into the Word document
    1. Add hyperlinks to the vendor sites and computer specs you used
    2. specify the “form factor” (desktop or laptop or all-in-one, etc.) you recommend and why you think this machine is a good fit for the customer

            4. Provide detail (technical description and price) for the following hardware:

                           a. CPU       b. RAM       c. Hard drive (type and size)    d. Optical drive     e. Monitor     f. Operating System

Part 2 – Software 

Research and recommend the appropriate productivity software that matches the computer you selected.  What software would each member of the Rich need loaded on their computer in order to do their particular tasks.  Include the software and the price – is it a one time purchase or is it a monthly or annual subscription.  


Pts10A total of 9 computers (three for each person in the scenario) are identified by technical specification and price in the table10A working vendor link is included for each recommended computer20Each of the selected computers includes an acceptable rationalization for why they are a good fit for the client20The selected computers are reasonable for the clients’ needs20Appropriate software is selected to fit the clients’ needs10The report is organized and information is easy to find and identify10The report is free from errors that impede understanding100Total 

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