Constitution exercise | Government homework help

Constitution exercise | Government homework help



Constitution Exercise

Copy of Constitution is in the Government textbook or on the Internet.


THE SPACE. (For example: Read all the examples first so when you go back and read the Constitution, you will be able to connect the example to the passage in the Constitution. I will do the first one for you. So, you read Article II, Section 1 and note that the fifth paragraph corresponds to example e. So for e) you put number 1 next to it. You then go to the next selection, read the passage in the Constitution, and see which examples corresponds to that passage.

Some answers have only one option while others have two options. For example, the first amendment examples can be answered with #6 or #7. You will have two first amendment examples and will either select 6 or 7 for those answers. Same thing applies to amendment five (10 and 11) and amendment 6 (12 and 13). I should see a Number next to the small case letters (a,b,c, … not a letter, in the blank. 

1. Article II, Section 1

2. Article II, Section 4

3. Article IV, Section 3

4. Article V

5. Article VII

6. Amendment I

7. Amendment I

8. Amendment II

9. Amendment IV

10. Amendment V

11. Amendment V

12. Amendment VI

13. Amendment VI

14. Amendment VIII

15. Amendment X

16. Amendment V &XIIII

17. Amendment XXV, Section 2

Have decided not to include Article I, Section 8, the enumerated rights pertaining to the federal government, because we will be covering in detail in chapter 3. 

a. ____ The president of a large state university fires the editor of the student newspaper after the newspaper publishes an advertisement for condoms.

b. ____ During the Clinton presidency, impeachment proceedings proceeded against President Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice.

c. ____ A U.S. citizen is deprived of access to an attorney (counsel) when accused of a crime.

d. ____ A family objects to the school song for a public high school because, they say, it is a prayer set to music. The song begins with the words “Dear God” and ends with the phrase “In Jesus’ name, 


e. ____ The president of the United States is left physically and mentally incapacitated by a stroke and his duties devolve on the Vice President.

f. ____ Several state legislatures pass resolutions calling for the convening of a new constitutional convention to consider the adoption of an amendment to the Constitution that would require a balanced federal budget.

g. ____ A state enacts legislation providing that persons found guilty of possession of crack cocaine be sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of release, even for a first offense. h. ____ The vice president resigns, leaving the office vacant.

i. ____ The residents of parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas want to secede from their current states and create a new state.

j. ____ A police raid is conducted without a warrant as a means to bolster a pending court case.

k. ____ An individual accused of a crime is jailed and not presented with the reasons for his incarceration.

l. ____ A defendant is prosecuted twice for the same crime after having been found innocent during the first trial. (double jeopardy)

m. ____ Mr. Jones wants to have a means for defending his home against intruders.

n. ____ A state wants to conduct their school operations apart from federal regulations.

o. ____A person remains silent so as not to be a witness against himself.

p. ____ An individual cannot be deprived of life, liberty, or property. These words are expressed in two amendments.

q. ____ The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) fell three states shorts for ratification.

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