BA (Hons) Global Management
Research Proposal
MGT 6B8 – Contemporary Management in Action

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To create your proposal submission, please complete ALL the sections of this template and submit on BB by the deadline 19th November 2021.
Please complete all sections. For the formative submission (29h October 2021) you do not need to have filled out all the sections.
Please remember using the template is optional, you may prefer to work from a blank document.

1. Executive Summary
This summary should accurately and succinctly summarise the contents of the report. It should present the essential elements about the research aim, question and objectives, real world comparison, offer research approach/methods used to answer the research question(s).

Please include HERE your 250 words response to the above guidelines.

2. Introduction
Describe what research problem you have identified that you would like to pursue further in this proposal. You must ensure you use references to provide where the research problem has come from and to highlight the significance of the problem. You need to include a well-formulated research aim, question and 3-4 objectives to underpin the research question. It should also outline the scope of the research, summarising the nature of the management issue(s), the rationale behind pursuing such an investigation and any personal motivations.

Please include HERE your 500 words response to the above guidelines.

3. Real-world Comparison
This chapter should demonstrate critical and in-depth knowledge of what others have written on the subject relevant to the research topic and research question. It should also present solid understanding of relevant debates, concepts & theories related to the topic and research question and a discussion of methodology used by others to research the topic. In addition, this chapter should also capture how other companies/countries etc. with similar Management issues are dealing with the management issue.

Please include HERE your 750 words response to the above guidelines.

a) Research Approach
This chapter should explain and justify the approaches proposed to answer the research question/objectives outlined in section 1. An account of the research question/hypothesis and resulting objectives to be investigated. An account of the chosen research approach, research strategy and justification as it relates to the research question/hypothesis. Clear description of the methods to be used to conduct the investigation. Justification as to why the selected methods are the most appropriate for responding to the research question. A brief description of secondary sources and/or primary sources and discussion of the sample, instruments (design, pre-testing, administration), and data collection process to be undertaken. Explanation of the methods/models/concepts to be used to analyse the collected data. Description of any anticipated difficulties associated with gathering and analysis of data and how they can be overcome. Description of ethical issues, validity and reliability and how these are proposed to be dealt with. A research plan or timeline is to be included here capturing how the implementation stage of this plan is planned. This should be for 24 Weeks. You may want to use a Gantt Chart.

Please include HERE your 1000 words response to the above guidelines.

4. References
This part of the proposal gives you the opportunity to show the reader what research sources were used in developing this piece of work.
All books, articles, sources of statistical data and web sites used must be listed in the References. Entries in this section should be formatted using the Harvard Referencing system. (Not included in the word count)

Please include HERE all the references cited in the proposal.

Your proposal should be 2500 words with +/- 10% .