Counter-argument or qualifier

Counter-argument or qualifier


Quiz: 101C Week ONE

  1. Identifying Toulmin’s parts of an argument: 60pts total (Please download and type onto paper, save and upload)
    Write down the letter next to Toulmin argument term that fits it best if these statements were put together as one argument. (16 pts)
    A. Students have a hard time paying for public transportation
    B. Encouraging students’ use of public transportation is good for the environment and teaches students about sustainability.
    C. Having a shuttle would allow more students to use BART to get to campus.
    D. Ohlone College should pay for a shuttle to take students from the BART to campus.
    E. However, students could take the bus from BART.
    F. The bus costs a lot of money and does not come very often.
    Hint: All statements support the claim except the qualifier or counter-argument.
  2. Evidence
  3. Warrant.
  4. Counter-argument or qualifier
  5. Rebuttal
  6. Backing
  7. Claim

Is the claim one of fact, value or policy?

  1. Read the following short article on the Apple IBM case. Create your own argument: should Apple comply or not comply with IBM’s request to write code allowing the FBI to gain access to the iPhone in this case? Clearly label: claim, evidence, backing, warrant, counter-argument, and rebuttal. What future consequences would a ruling like this possibly have? (24 pts) (Use back if needed)
  2. Define and give an example of from this article of each of the following: ethos, pathos and logos. (12 points) (Your examples may include arguments presented by the authors and their sources.)
  3. If a Rogerian entered into the debate, what would their goal be? How might they accomplish it? What kind of solution to the FBI/Apple situation would they possibly advance? Keep in mind that although this particular court case ended when the FBI cracked the code using another company (not Apple), a similar situation could easily come up in the future. (8 pts)

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