Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses creating perceptions of reality through words and experience. Doyle’s essay introduces a type of reality by associating with the movement across boundaries by the use of words. He does this by showing how ideas and the definition of how one believes shows in the actions that they take through their life.

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Creating Perceptions of Reality Through Words and Experience

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The learning of words also shows assimilation into the cultures and relationships that we hold with others and the way that we intertwine with the relationships that are portrayed. The beliefs that Doyle presents are able to show how words are more than a definition or term that can be used for intellect or writing. More importantly, the idea of words creates an association with a specific moment, belief or action that one holds at a deeper level within their life. Doyle refers to the words that one owns (700) to show the close association with the words that define our identity, who we are, actions that one takes and the descriptions that one leaves in their memories.

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Doyle proves the concept of identity by using the interchange of the word ‘woo’ into ‘who’, ‘no,’ and other words that are said are first perceived by a child and wife as learning the sounds and phonetics of a word. However, Doyle shows that this is not only important in the learning of words, syllables and the placing together of words. More importantly, there is a relationship with the family and the relationship that each has to the other. Doyle describes the learning of words toward his son, for instance, as a-wooing. He then relates this to his wife and the way that they relate to the other. The different experiences that are created through the use of words are able to create a specific perception, experience and relationship to life through given moments. It can be said through the essay, “Yes,” that words are a way of expressing experiences and what is occurring in life.

Questioning the words that have&nbsp.created my own experiences and which I use in my life can also be looked at when considering the perspective that Doyle takes.&nbsp.&nbsp.