critical and analytical skills

critical and analytical skills


You are required to review a CSR or sustainability report published recently by the multinational corporations (MNCs) as the case study for your coursework. For this coursework, you are required to write an essay of no more than 2000 words to critically evaluate the sustainability/citizenship/corporate social responsibility report you have chosen, which should in addition include a bibliography of the material/references you have used and consulted. The aims of this assessment are: To enable the student to undertake scholarly activity; to encourage creativity and original thought; to enable the student to demonstrate critical and analytical skills; to develop and test written communication skills; to assess an example of deep learning; to inter-relate aspects of the module syllabus. Deadline: Monday 18 November 2013 Note: You should focus your evaluation on the quality of the report or information contained in the report and the reporting process. You should not try to comment on the sustainability programmes/projects/activities of a MNC. To evaluate the quality of a report, you need to identity and select criterions, guidance, or standards as benchmarks. Your evaluation should be related to the context of the company, the industry and the environments the company operates. The marking scheme is basically divided into several elements as shown in the next page. Good luck.

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