Critical thinking questions

Critical thinking questions

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8) Choose among the following situations the one that would least likely require critical thinking

Select one:

a. Following directions to bake a cake

b. Judging the quality of a recipe

c. Defending your position in an argument/discussion

d. Determining the best product for designing a building

9)George and Larry have been friends for 10 years. George lives on a farm with three horses, two cows, three cats, and one dog. His pets stay outside all day on the farm. On the farm, George rides his tractor, plows the field, and looks after all his animals and pets. Larry lives in the city with his dog named Jack. Jack stays inside all of the time, with the exception of this daily walks. In the city, Larry works from home on his computer and enjoys online shopping. What is one similarity between George and Larry?

Select one:

a. All the pets live inside

b. They each have a dog

c. They walk their dogs

d. They live in the same town.

12)The following statement is an example of which reasoning skill? John plays football at GMC. John is 6 feet 2 inches tall. All GMC football players are 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Select one:

a. Metacognition

b. Analysis

c. Induction

d. Evaluation

13)The Log Cabin is a new restaurant in town. Alejandro notices a line of people outside of the Log Cabin every time he passes the restaurant. Alejandro decides it must be a good restaurant and makes reservations. This is an example of which type of reasoning?

Select one:

a. Analysis

b. Deduction

c. Evaluation

d. Induction

14)What is NOT an example of personal bias?

Select one:

a. Relying on my own assumptions to understand new ideas

b. Judging someone based on race

c. Judging someone based on age

d. Empirical evidence to support a claim

16)What questions can you ask to determine the objectivity of a source?

Select one:

a. Is there a hidden agenda or commercial purpose to this information?

b. For whom/what purpose was this information prepared?

c. Does the data presented provide additional citations?

d. All of the above

17)What questions would you ask when determining the accuracy of a source?

Select one:

a. Is the information supported by evidence?

b. Can you verify any of the information in another source or from personal knowledge?

c. Are there spelling, grammar or typographical errors?

d. All of the above

19)Which critical thinking skill is needed to understand essential information not given in a text?

Select one:

a. Evaluation

b. Analysis

c. Metacognition

d. Inference

20)Which example of induction is the weakest?

Select one:

a. I followed all of the directions for my essay, did my best, went to tutoring, and asked the professor for feedback on my rough draft. I am proud of my work and expect to at least pass the assignment.

b. A few students stated on a professor rating website that Ms. Li gives mostly A’s. I’m taking her class so I should get an A.

c. I have three tests during the sixth week of class, so I’m canceling all my social engagements that week in order to give myself enough time to study.

d. I found a reliable source for my essay that supports my argument. To strengthen my argument, I’m going to look for another source that confirms my conclusion.

21)Which of the critical thinking skills draws conclusions from reasons and evidence?

Select one:

a. Inference

b. Induction

c. Deduction

d. Analysis

22)Which of the following is a false statement when it comes to critical thinking?

Select one:

a. Critical thinking is aimed at achieving the only possible outcome(s) in any situation

b. Critical thinking requires a clear, often uncomfortable, assessment of your personal strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

c. Implementing the decisions from critical thinking involves identifying possible outcomes from those decisions.

d. Critical thinking involves reviewing the results of the application of decisions made.

23)Which of the following is a typical characteristic of a strong critical thinker?

Select one:

a. Investigating briefly into important situations

b. Making decisions based solely on past events

c. Asking good questions

d. Ignoring the consequences of various options

24)Which of the following is an example of induction?

Select one:

a. I have a bag of clothes. The first three pieces of clothing I pulled from the bag are socks. Therefore, all of the clothes in the bag are socks.

b. All men are tall. Marcus is a man. Therefore, Marcus is tall.

c. All of the bacon I cooked this morning has been eaten. There were only two people at home and I didn’t eat the bacon. Therefore, Sarah must have eaten the bacon.

d. All chairs in Mark’s house are red. Mark is buying a chair. Therefore, Mark’s new chairs will be red.

25)Which of the following is an example of inductive reasoning?

Select one:

a. The US News and World Report listing of the 100 Best Community Colleges named GMC number 1. I attend GMC; therefore, I am most likely getting a great education.

b. My professor said if my final grade is above a 79.5, she will round it to a B. It is 79.8, so I am expecting a B in the course.

27)Which statement is an example of inference?

Select one:

a. Writer made an argument from a questionable source

b. Several men claim to be the father of a child, but a paternity test identifies the man

c. Scientist makes an assumption based on observations

28)Which statement would most likely be said by a person with weak critical thinking skills?

Select one:

a. I always take time looking things up

b. I prefer jobs where supervisors say exactly what to doand exactly how to do it

c. Research is important even if the answer seems simple

d. Questioning the fundamentals excites me

29)While on a date at an art gallery you see a canvas covered with bright slashes of red paint and a screaming face. You turn to your date and say, “Look at that screaming face. The artist must have been angry.” This is an example of which reasoning skills?

Select one:

a. Analysis

b. Inference

c. Metacognition

d. Evaluation

30)Who would you trust more when choosing a date?

Select one:

a. A dating service that will make its money only if you are satisfied with the match

b. Your best friend who really wants you to date her brother

c. Your mother who is ready for you to move out

Ps: I do not need an explanation I just need the answers

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