D5 | Marketing homework help

D5 | Marketing homework help


Module 5 Discussion Forum.  450 words

Select one element of the Marketing mix and discuss how marketing research could help that area.  Be specific in your recommendations.

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Marketing research in the area of elements of the Marketing mix is very important to enhance customer retention and to increase sales at the end of the year. The objective of the marketing consultant is to understand the main areas for the marketing mix by reviewing customer and marketing knowledge and skills, and to identify the most important and successful strategies using all available techniques. The consulting approach provides the consultants with the opportunity to provide a tailored package of training to the clients, and in any case with the opportunity to develop his or her own skills and knowledge for the specific marketing objectives of the firm. All the companies in the region are active in the field of ecommerce and selling various products as well. They have different needs in their business operations. These companies offer various services for online advertising including e-Commerce, web design, customer feedback management etc. The primary objective of a marketing consultant is to provide a consulting service to an ecommerce business owner. The consulting service for the clients includes online marketing and selling strategies, analysis and planning etc. The objectives of an online advertising agency are to provide the advertising solutions for the internet marketing, e-commerce websites, online business, and various online advertising companies. The objectives of an online marketing consultant include SEO analysis, PPC analysis, and content strategy, which is an indispensable aspect of effective online marketing. The consulting services can be done for any website, blog, online store, online store website, ad agency, or any other ecommerce industry the consulting for ecommerce company starts with understanding the customers’ needs, the company’s marketing goals for the web site, ads in the site, and the market trends. Then it is necessary to understand the market place and the various competitors in the industry in order to get an accurate picture about each client’s strengths and weaknesses (Grewal, D., Bart, Y., Spann, M., & Zubcsek, P. P. (2016)).
       The best advertising agency in the market can provide the best tailored results for the clients. Moreover, it provides the best advertising solutions for each customer as well. Its successful advertising services include mobile and video advertising, image and video advertising, creative graphic ads, SEO ads, web design, social media marketing, ad copy, etc. Likewise, the consulting services for ecommerce includes creating marketing material, managing accounts, creating advertising campaigns, performing data analysis, generating reports, and preparing marketing solutions for each client’s needs. The ecommerce consultants in the region can also take care of business planning and running of the client website. Lastly, it can help in launching advertising campaigns as well (Dombrovska, S., Shvedun, V., Streltsov, V., & Husarov, K. (2018)).

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