Data Analysis and Lab Report

Data Analysis and Lab Report

Help me study for my Physics class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

This lab will be a very independent lab report, only now you will be using your own creative video project. Keep in mind that your video project must have included kinematics, two-dimensional vectors, and rotation.

The lab report will be rather open ended. There will be a specific rubric below which can guide you on all the specifications you need to meet in order to receive full credit. This lab report will be equally weighted between the physics you research and the spreadsheet analysis that you have used all term.

Broad Criteria (These must be met or the report will receive a zero grade):

  1. 500 words typed, not including graphs.
  2. Submitted to SafeAssign for originality report, by uploading it to the Lab 08 link in Blackboard.

Physics Criteria:

  1. Your lab report must include a description of the physics involved in your video, with proper use of terminology, and an appropriate explanation of the relationships between the physics principles used in your video – 10 points
  2. Your lab report must include an independent research component, where you have investigated the applications of your video, in a broader sense. If you have taken a video of driving your car, you might include an investigation into car safety concerns, or if you took a video of you playing sports, you might consider the physics of professional sports. This portion must include TWO academic references, not already used in the course. – 20 points

Spreadsheet Criteria:

  1. You must have at least two x-y scatter plots using any standard spreadsheet software (google sheets, Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc.). – 10 points
  2. Each graph must include proper naming of the axes, using physical variables (not x and y), with units, and the data must be spread out enough to visibly see a trend in the data points. – 5 points
  3. Each set of data should have a best fit line which includes a correlation coefficient or some other statistical calculation as to the relationship between variables in each plot. – 10 points.
  4. A descriptive summary of the relationship between the variables in your data plots must be mentioned in the physics description mentioned above with appropriate use of scientific terminology (i.e. the force is inversely proportional to the distance, etc.). – 5 points

Video used for this report:

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