What effect do clouds have on the daily mean temperature? 45. Define “high specific heat.” 46. Which locations on Earth have the largest annual temperature change between summer and winter? 47. What is most influential on daily and seasonal temperature variations? 48. What is specific heat? 49. What influences daily and seasonal temperature patterns? 50. On a normal day (without clouds), when would you experience the daily maximum temperature? 51. What factors go into accurate measurement of air temperature? 52. Why is the Fahrenheit Scale considered the least useful? 53. Why does land heat up faster than water? 54. Describe continental locations seasonal temperature variations. 55. What are the factors that influence air temperature? 56. What is the heat index? 57. Why are rural areas cooler than urban areas? 58. Define temperature gradient. 59. What is the daily temperature range? 60. In the troposphere, what happens to temperature as the elevation increases?