Deliverable 5 – corporate social responsibility presentation

Deliverable 5 – corporate social responsibility presentation



Module 05: Trends and impacts of corporate social responsibility.


Evaluate the impact corporate and social responsibility has on organizational activities.


You work for a U.S. based company that leaves a large carbon footprint because it relies heavily on paper, ink cartridges, and plastic. While there seem to be some legal requirements for sustainable activities, they are not in effect yet and the company does not want to adopt any changes in their own processes until they are. “Why do more than we have to,” said the CEO at a recent meeting. Still, they would like to do something that shows the community where they reside that they are aware of their actions, and are trying to make some changes for the better – it would also be a nice PR move. Your task is to present recommendations to the CEO in a way that persuades him to have the company take on social responsibility in a meaningful way.


  • Create a PowerPoint presentation to be given to the CEO that includes slides that evaluate the given corporate social responsibility (CSR) impacts on the business activities.
    • Address the following:
      1. Differentiate areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as they relate to business culture, public policy, ethics, marketing, and environmental concerns.
      2. What are the consequences of using CSR as a “PR move” (be sure to consider social, economic and environmental consequences)?
      3. Describe the U.S. national and international trends in CSR, as well as their benefits.
      4. What recommendations would you offer the CEO in this situation?
  • Your PowerPoint should include:
    1. Title Page (first slide).
    2. A minimum of six “body” slides.
    3. At least one to two full slides for each topic noted above.
    4. Succinct text and bullet points.
    5. Relevant images, photographs, and/or charts. A list of references (last slide).
    6. A script in the presenter’s notes section of each slide that includes what you would say when presenting your PowerPoint to the team.
  • Use at least three credible sources. These should be cited and in APA format.

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