Your first statistical software assignment includes two sections in which you will do the following:

  • Create two histograms.
  • Calculate measures of central tendency and dispersion.

This will give you some experience with the data set.

Key Details and Instructions

As you work on this assignment, refer to the 7864 Data Set Instructions [PDF] document for information on variables used in this course.

Download the 7864 data set, grades.jasp, which is a sample data set, and save it to your computer. This data file is used in all four papers (Week 2, Week 4, Week 6, & Week 8).

Part 1

Create two histograms for visual interpretation using the following variables:

Variable Definition
Lowup Lower division =1; Upper division =2
Final Final exam: number of correct answers

Create two histograms and paste them into your Word document:

  • A histogram for lower division students.
  • A histogram for upper division students.

Briefly describe what a visual inspection of this output tells you about the shape of the distributions.

Part 2

Create a descriptives table to assess measures of central tendency and dispersion using the following variables:

Variable Definition
GPA Previous grade point average
Quiz3 Quiz 3: number of correct answers

Create a descriptives table and paste it into your Word document.

Under the table:

  • Report the mean, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis for GPA and quiz3.
  • Briefly describe what skewness and kurtosis tell you about these data with regard to normality.

Submit both sections of your assignment as an attached Word document.


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