Determine the Resolution of the Instrument in Volt.

Determine the Resolution of the Instrument in Volt.


Paper instructions:

Th ree resistors R1, R2, and R3 have the following values. RI – 2009 + 5%, R2 = 1000 + 5%, R3 = 500 + 5%. Determine the relative error if the resistors are: (a) Connected in series, (b) Connected in parallel. 7) The following readings are obtained in the measurement of an inductor: 1.003, 0.998, 1.001,0.991 1.009, 0.986. 1.005, 0.997, 1.008, and 0.994 uH. Determine the (a) Arithmetic mean. (b) Average deviation. (c) Standard deviation. 8) The following 10 observations were received in the case of an ammeter: 41.7, 41.8, 42, 42, 42.1, 41.9, 42, 41.9, 42.5, 41.8 mA. Determine (a) The mean. (b) The standard deviation. (c) The probable error of one reading, (d) The probable error of mean. 9) A moving coil voltmeter has a uniform scale with 100 divisions, the full scale reading is 200 V and 1/10 of a scale division can be estimated with a fair degree of certainty. Determine the resolution of the instrument in volt.

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